To Move Forward

At Oedo Telecom, we recognize the value of communication which plays an essential role in your business and in our lives.
This is what drives us to consistently improve our network and communication services.

Services & Products

Upgrade your business with our reliable and low-cost services and products that suits your dynamic needs. Easily reach your customers and everyone in your organization efficiently.

Call Center System

Start your call center right away with minimal upfront cost.

Direct Telephone Service

Low cost fixed telephone line service with various area code prefixes available.

Telephone Line Resale

Telephone Lines with special discount contract from major telephone companies.

Internet Connection

Best value high speed internet service with reasonable cost and large data capacity.

SIP Trunk

An IP communication service within providing global connectivity to your existing PBX System.

IP Equipment

Business grade network and IP phone equipment for small and medium sized enterprises.

Call Center System

Our Call Center is a web-based platform that is designed to streamline the handling of customer service and client management. It can be accessed virtually anywhere via the internet.

It can be easily adopted as it does not require complex infrastructure. The setup required is minimal, you can simply start your call center with just a PC and internet.

SIP Trunk

Oedo SIP Trunk Service seamlessly allows your current PBX System to achieve global connectivity in minutes. Our flexible solution enables your business to scale up or down easily as you need it. Choose the right amount of channels and calls per second (CPS) for your business.

Integrate your communication services in one line and take advantage of our reliable SIP Termination with reasonable calling rates.

High Channel Capacity
Secured Authentication
Global Connectivity In Minutes

Easily upgrade your existing PBX system in minutes

Low Cost Telephone Line

A low cost fixed line telephone solution for your business

Direct Telephone Line

Our Direct Telephone Line service utilizes our own resilient communication backbone thus offering a reliable communication solution for your business at much a lower cost.

A wide range of numbers and area code prefixes can be selected according to your requirements. In addition, you can retain your existing telephone numbers when transferring through our number portability support.

Telephone Line Resale

Our service offers Telephone Lines with special discount contract to each major telecommunications carrier. Service features remains the same as compared to direct contracting while taking advantage of a significant reduction on call cost.

Flat Rate Nationwide Calling Rates
Standard Calling Features
Special Discount Contract

Greatly reduce your call cost with our special discounted contracts

High Speed And Stable Connectivity

An internet service with a peace of mind due to its high speed and stability.

Internet Connection Service

Our internet service backbone delivers high quality, large capacity, and low price internet service plans suitable for businesses and individuals.

With the adoption of an end to end fiber optic line to each customer and FLET’S Hikari compatible services provided by NTT East and NTT West we are able to deliver a stable and high speed internet connection at a competitive price.

High Speed Connectivity
Stable And Fully Redundant

IP Equipment

We carry a range of IP equipment from reputable brands such as network routers, switches, adapters and IP phones suitable small to medium sized companies.

Network & Adapters
IP Phones