CTI/PBX Solution

What is Oedo Call Center?


Key Benefits


いつでも、どこでも簡単に素早くコールセンターが構築できます。 インターネット環境やパソコン、ヘッドセットだけご用意いただければ、すぐにご利用が開始できます。

Low Cost

コールセンター用の設備(PBXなど)をご用意いただく必要はございません。 お客様専用のコールセンターをお手軽な初期費用と月額費用にて、運営する事ができます。

Feature Rich

コールセンター運営で必要な機能は全てサポートしています。 お客様に応じたカスタマイズも対応可能です。

List Of Features


IVR Auto Attendant

Improve customer experience by guiding your callers to the right department or destination.


Achieve operational efficiency by having a centralized customer and FAQ information management within the system.


Optimize inbound call handling among operators by selecting the best call distribution method.


Get valuable insights from your call center operation by easily generating statistical reports.

Call Recording

Customer support resolution is improve by having call recording as reference in troubleshooting and QA.

Hot Desking

Increase flexibility on your operators by allowing them to use any or share the same sip phone.


A great collaboration tool which available when you need it, easily start conference meeting in seconds.

Chat Function

Maximize communication among your call center managers and operators with the ability to send and receive instant messages.


Ensure productivity with the live low-bandwidth camera feed suitable for remote work setup.

How Does Oedo Call Center System Work?

The Oedo Call Center System which makes centralize management easy regardless of the location. It also streamlines your call center operation by combining customer information, inquiry for each customer, and status reports in one simple to use system.

Our System Is Greatly Ideal For The Following Use Case:

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know more about our product with these top FAQs.

No, there is no need. Internet connection, a PC or laptop and a headset is needed.

Our best recommendation is to use a Fiber Optic connection for stability and optimal call quality. Although DSL and e-mobile internet connection can be used, a minimum speed of 200kbps is required for both download and upload.

Voip phones, smartphones, softphones (PC) and conference systems can used. All can use basic calling functions such as extension dial, hold, transfer, conference call, etc.

We offer all the essential features needed by a call center to be operationally functional and efficient at a much lower cost.