Direct/Resale Telephone Service

Direct Telephone (Oedo Line)

Oedo Telephone Line Service is a direct telephone line connection using Oedo Telecom’s communication backbone. It provides a significant reduction on communication charges since it does not pass through the communication facilities of NTT East and West.




Key Features & Benefits

At Oedo Telecom, we ensure reliable and quality service.

What Are The Service Advantages?

Lower Fixed Line Charges

Since Oedo Telecom Line is used the basic monthly fixed line charge are cheaper. It is also possible to retain all your current telephone numbers as long as number portability is supported.

Unified Telephone Line


Basic Services Included


Other Advantages

Our fixed used telephone service will be provided with a number and area code. You can keep your current telephone numbers since we support number portability. In addition, our service also supports 0ABJ phone numbers.