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About Oedo Telecom

Oedo Telecom is a company that connects people and provides innovative CTI solutions and telecommunications services that improve business productivity and convenience.

 We can provide optimal solutions for CTI applications and communication services to companies that are actively adopting telework, such as SMEs, large enterprise users, and in-house call centers.

 We will provide high quality, timely, and best cost-performance products by utilizing the latest cloud technology and SIP server technology.



1.2015/11/18 総務大臣より電気通信番号指定(0ABJ)を受ける(全国で21社程度)
2.2021/7/21 総務大臣より事業者設備識別番号指定(0044)を受ける(全国で15社程度)

また、2021/7/1 国際認証「ISO/IEC27001:2013」GUP-0443-IC の認定を取得しております。

①2015/11/18 総務大臣より電気通信番号指定(0ABJ)を受ける。

②2021/7/21 総務大臣より事業者設備識別番号指定(0044)を受ける。

③2021/7/1 国際認証「ISO/IEC27001:2013」GUP-0443-IC の認定を取得。

Oedo Telecom Inc. has Certification "ISO / IEC 27001: 2013"

大江戸テレコムは、情報セキュリティにおける最新の国際認証「ISO/IEC 27001:2013」の認定を取得しました。

ISO規格はISO(International Organization for Standardization)が制定する国際規格であり、最新の国際規格です。


ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Overview
Company:Oedo Telecom Inc.
Registration date: June 28, 2021
Certification number: GUP-0443-IC
Scope of registration: CTI / PBX solution
     Direct revenue / resale telephone service
     Internet connection service
     Network / VOIP equipment
     SIP trunks Service

Company Profile

Company Information

社名: Oedo Telecom
英文名: Oedo Telecom Inc.
代表取締役CEO:濱田 元宣
Location: NS Building 2F, 543-7 Tsurumakicho Waseda, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0041
TEL: 03-4477-2340
FAX: 03-4477-2341
Established: May 12, 2014
Capital: 100 million yen
Shareholders: 経営陣&投資家
取引銀行: 三井住友銀行、楽天銀行

Area of Business

CTI/PBX Solution
Direct/Resale Telephone Service
Internet Connection Service
Network/VOIP Equipment
SIP Trunk

License / Notification / Membership

telecommunication A-26-13699
Partition Code Number Specified Tel Number
219 33101FGHJ
219 35002FGHJ
事業者設備識別番号 0044
ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Our Vision

To be an established telecommunications company that is recognized globally.

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NS Building 2F, 543-7 Tsurumakicho Waseda, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0041